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Pai Gow Poker Strategy

Pai gow poker strategy is applied to make the best two hands out of whatever you have been given. In this game you are dealt seven cards, and you are supposed to make a two card hand and a five card hand from the seven. Your two card hand can never have a higher value than your five card hand does, so if you have a pair of kings, and a pair of threes, make certain the pair of kings are in your five card hand.

The pai gow poker strategy behind splitting the two pairs up is that the player who wins must have two hands that are better than the bankerÂ's hands. If only one hand beats the banker you win nothing, and if you tie in value with the banker, then the banker wins it all. You have to use shrewd pai gow strategy to make your two hands have the better values at the end of the round.

Using pai gow poker strategy to arrange your cards, if you were dealt cards that contained no pairs, no straights, and you do not have a flush, then you need to put your highest ranking card in your five card hand, and place your second and third ranking cards in your two card hand. This will make certain the two card set is not valued higher than the five card set.

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If you are dealt two pair, there are a couple of pai gow poker strategy tips you can use in your play. If you have two pair accompanied by an ace, then place both pair in the five card hand, and put that ace in the two card hand. If you do not have an ace then make the lower pair the ones you play as two cards, and the higher pair goes in the five card hand.